Local and Strategic Plan


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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

2016 budgets cost share
2016 NEMO One-Stop Partner MOU w Signatures Final
CLEO Bylaws
CLEO Consortium Agreement
CLEO List 3-17-15
Complaint Resolution Policy
List of Comprehensive One Stop Job Centers Outreach Sites
MACC – WDB-CC Partnership Template
NEMO Board Certification Information 8-31-15 Updated Approved 5-16-16
NEMO WDB Bylaws Revised Draft 05-16-16 Approved
NEMO WDB Conflict of Interest Policy
NEMO WDB Issuance 02-2015 Supportive Service Policy Revised-8-31-16
NEMO WDB Proposed Performance 09-28-16
Procurement Guidelines Final Approved 05.09.16
Regional Business Services Team Plan 05-03-16
SCC_NEMO MO Wins Agreement
Substate Monitoring Plan-rev-05-2016
WDB-CLEO Agreement
YC Member List
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The NEMO WDB engages in an ongoing strategic planning process to identify goals, strategic objectives, and measures of effectiveness; along with strategies and action plans to achieve these. This plan is outcome supportive and intended to help us create and maintain a healthy and growing economy, equipped with a local workforce that has the knowledge and skills needed by businesses. The strategic role of the NEMO Workforce Development Board is defining strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in our region. We focus on desired economic and workforce development results in all segments of the communities we serve by developing short and long-term goals for workforce development while also encouraging strong community involvement.

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